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This adorable little furry desk-lamp is Cordelia. The younger of my two cats. We were on the low-income spay/neuter wait-list because responsible pet owning is important, but money is extremely tight.

Then on Wednesday night the little princess decided to go slumming and made a break out the door before we could intervene. She was only gone about 24 hours but there are SEVERAL stray toms in our neighborhood and we saw her running around with them before she came home.

Long story short, she needed her spay and she needed it now. So we had to borrow in order to pay full price ($427 for the record) as it was still a long way for the low-income approval. The sooner we can pay that money back? The better.


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stICKY budS on the bottom of soCKS! ! ! ((:

more like every step I take is fucking miserable



anyone know what that says

your shit crashed, theyre emergency saving, and theyre gonna shut down your shit after they emergency save it. That’s what I got.

Roomate: I hate living on the top floor of apartment buildings.
Me: Oh, I dunno, it has it's ups and downs.

marina-liteyears replied to your post: THANK YOU KAAAT

Aaaa sorry the vivillon is only level 12 I haven’t had him for long ; v ; but I kno how much you liked vivillons haha u v u thanks for the meloetta!!! /)w(

the level doesn’t even bother me I always value my pretty bugs over their strength and rarity anyway. I’M GLAD YOU LIKE MELOETTA I’m glad she gets to go with someone I love WWWWEEH